Undo's was established in 1953 when Undo and Jenny Sparchane purchased the Flamingo Club in Benwood. In 1965, Undo's purchased the Benwood Stag Bar which at that time, offered service to men only since the bar was located across the street from Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel and millworkers could patronize the bar before or after work. A restaurant was eventually added adjacent to the bar and the original Undo's Restaurant was created and in 1985, a full service menu was introduced.

Since that time, Undo's has expanded to Elm Grove, formerly Figaretti's, Undo's West in St. Clairsville, Ohio and Undo's in Weirton with catering halls throughout the valley. In addition to operating four full scale restaurants, Undo's owns and operates four catering halls and has an extensive outside catering department. Since the inception of the business in 1953, Undo's is known for providing quality food with the freshest ingredients and excellent service and a committment to our customers.

In September 2015, Undo's on the Pike, located in Marietta, Ohio was added as another Undo's location and part of the Undo family of restaurants. Undo's on the Pike is located in the Quality Inn, Marietta, Ohio and features catering halls, a sports bar and restaurant which serves all of your favorite Undo's dishes. It is because of our service, quality of food and committment to our customers and community that Undo's will continue to grow and when you are at Undo's, we consider your family part of our family.

Their Words

What Our Customers Say

1. Mike Foster
Saturday evening I called in and ordered the manicotti dinner to go that serves 4. The young man that took my order was very polite and really seemed to be excited about his job and the food that Undos provides. The order was hot and ready as promised. I received two reusable tins, two large salads plenty of house dressing and a fairly large tub of pasta sauce (for my bread). The shear weight of the the order assured me that there was a sufficient amount of food to feed more than 4! When I arrived home we opened this tins to find an amazing presentation of manicotti and cheesy bread, and the best looking huge house salads that I have ever received from any restaurant in the Mid Ohio Valley. The Manicotti was absolutely amazing. The cheesy bread was bursting with flavor and the complimenting it with the pasta sauce was just over the top. The salads were fresh, almost as if just picked from a garden out back, the house dressing beats no other. I have watched several other restaurants try and fail at this location....You folks will be the first to stay. Keep up the great service, you now have a regular patron. I will be ordering soon to feed my employees a good lunch they deserve. Too the folks that are reading this, lol no I do not work or am associated with Undos in any way. This is a real customer review.
5 STARS. Thank you."
2. BobbiSue Sears
"My husband and I tried undos tonight and it was fantastic! We both had pasta and hit was creamy goodness! We had Scott Q as our server and I must say he did an impeccable job, very attentive! Everything was on point!!"
3. Jill Jackson
"Had dinner there tonight. So happy to have a family owned restaurant with high quality food in Marietta! This will be a favorite for our family!"
4. Adam Johnson
"Great place! Nice environment, great food out quick and great service. Check it out!"
5. Josh Kunz
"I've been to Undo's the past two mondays for the steak special. It's was awesome both times. I'll definately be back."